About Sunny Coast Beads

Hi my name is Kez,

I am the owner of Sunny Coast Beads and with the help and support of my little family I am in the most grateful position to be able to offer beginners jewellery making workshops on the Sunshine Coast. 

All workshops are beginner/intro level, focused on tools, techniques, design and creation of earrings and there are a variety of mediums to choose from such as polymer clay, laser cut acrylic and beaded.

My history and qualifications? Well I have over 10 years experience of creating jewellery, facilitating workshops and have successfully graduated as being completely obsessed with the craft of earrings so am your perfect guide during our sessions.

I was formally a serial Spotlight addict for many years, it was only after creating and finishing my first pair of earrings in 10 minutes that I was completely hooked on completing a project - I'd found my thing! This was at 35, now at 
46 I have a few tools in my belt, never enough beads and lots to share.

Namely that creativity and connection is healthy and important, many of us need 'me time', so I have created a fun, friendly and playful environment with all the toys you need, with plenty of time to learn, create and make new friends.

Whether you are a Sunshine Coast local or a visitor to this spectacular place, it is my objective to create a wonderful experience for you on the day and to help you home with a few handmade goodies and most importantly, the confidence and the know how to make more.

Any maybe, like me - you might find your 'thing' too. 

I look forward to meeting you at my next workshop.

Kez x

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